The Basics

Shelter Tea is a small batch wellness drink we made to share with you. Each 12 oz can has three functional ingredients; Thyme, Honey, and Lemon. Each can is caffeine free, 40 calories, 8g of sugar and only uses a bit of raw honey as a sweetener.

This is a small batch drink. Probably best to read our story, we will wait for you here :)

It means we produced a small quantity of Shelter Tea on a limited production schedule. Meaning we don't have an endless supply like your favorite big beverage brand does. If and when we sell out of this small batch, a notice will go up on this website that we have sold out and we will send along a message when we make more.

Shelter Tea can live outside the fridge just fine for a very long period of time. Check the bottom of your can to find out the exact date for your batch. However, we do recommend you refrigerate upon delivery as the drink not only tastes best, but is also must chuggable when refrigerated for 12-24 hours.


Filtered water, Raw Sourwood Honey, Natural Thyme Extract and Meyer Lemon Juice. You can read more about each of our legendary ingredients here.

Just a bit of raw sourwood honey. A premium honey straight from the Southern Appalachian mountains in the USA. We don't use Stevia, Allulose, Erythritol or any of those other sweeteners you might find in a lab somewhere.



The US.

UPS Ground.

Please allow 3-5 business days, but the best way to know is to copy the UPS tracking number from your email receipt & paste it into Google. That should tell you exactly where your order is.

Free...for now!

Shipping cans around the country is expensive. However, during this first limited release, we are going to go ahead and cover the costs of shipping. Thank you for supporting our small business.

First, we have tried to be conscious of the fact that we are making a physical product and cut down on transit as much as we can for ingredients, production, and warehousing.

Second, our dream is to ship you your cans encased in mushroom packaging grown in the exact same place we make Shelter, but we can't...yet. So instead, we have tried to make sure we ship as packaging light as possible. If your cans arrive differently (they shouldn't!), please let us know so we can help get that changed.

We know this process isn't perfect and we hope it will inch closer to perfect as future shipping, packaging, and logistics options become available.

Additional Information

Please review the product ingredients list on the can and make sure you the product is safe for you. If you have any questions you should consult a physician. Our product was not made in a facility that uses nuts, wheat or dairy.

Congrats! You should consult your healthcare provider before adding Shelter to your diet.

Ugh. That is the worst. Please click on the above question so you familiarize yourself with what we are trying to do. Then, send us a photo of how the cans arrived. If we still have cans in stock, we will try to send you out a replacement six or twelve pack. We are a small business and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Great! Either way we want to hear directly from you. We created this drink to share with you and we want to hear all your thoughts on your drinking experience. After all, you are a Shelter pioneer, you got in early and tasted the small batch. Go here and let us know what you thought!